About us

Chesham.me was founded in March 2014 with the aim to offer a location for the chesham community to come together in an unbiased way, to allow everyone to have their say and find out about what is going on, and news in their town.

We are a group of Chesham people who have lived and worked in and around Chesham for many years, and realise we have a great town, and great people, however these is no social space that allows us to all live online together in harmony, so we can live more fulfilling offline lives.

Our Aim:

To create an online social platform for chesham, that is free from bias to any individual, business or community group.

Our Mission

We believe that the internet has become a free social space that you pay a price for, either in your personal details being sold, or your ability to keep your identity secret to allow you to have a say without reaction offline. We are creating a social space for everyone in chesham to have their say, and you decide if you want that say to be linked to you as an individual. That should be your right.

Eventually Chesham.me will be a website owned and operated by the whole community not a few select individuals, ensuring an unbiased view point, and open discussion in a controlled platform.

We are ever evolving and need you to shape the social space you want for your community.

Can you Help?

We are always looking at new ways to improve the site, so please leave us feedback on the forum, and we will work hard to make this the essential resource for the community we love – Chesham.